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It's ultimately about you!

I understand that in order to keep you on track to conquer your goals, it starts with you. I commit to seeing you through your ups and downs-I commit to being here to help guide you through those times. I commit to the success of your goals!

I am about YOU, and your total life package because I understand that it’s more than one specific thing. It’s about you and being in a good and right place to take on your new goals. Maybe it’s your aches and pains or the old food monster that beats you, maybe it’s being laid off, a rough relationship with your kids, whatever the scenario that has caused you to give up, I am here to conquer those issues and keep moving you forward.

I want to ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals as I offer mainstream life coaching sessions, seminars and workshops; I want to assure you maintain your focus.

Many people may not understand how effective a professional life coach can be for them. I help individuals, business owners and teams work through any aspect of their life goals. Life coaching has becoming more main stream because people are looking for alternatives to therapy. Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaching is about moving you forward with life and keeping that momentum. I want you to leave the past behind you, look to the future and envision how successful you can be. A successful Life Coach is clinically taught to take the tools learned in both clinical and non-clinical situations, through a variety of life experiences, and formulate a successful plan for clients. Your success is our success.

I offer Business Coaching, Relationship/Family Coaching, Alternative Lifestyle Coaching, and Corporate Team Building.

I concentrate on the following areas of professional coaching:

Business Coaching

I aid future and existing business owners in how to think outside the box and focus on their short and long term business goals and achievements.

Maybe you have been laid off and are finally ready to take that big step in being your own boss. Or, you might be a CEO of that fortune 500 company who just needs a pick me relationship. I’m here for any situation that may arise.

Adolescent, Relationship & Family Coaching:

I understand how important strong relationships are in your life and their impact on conquering your life goals. Maybe you or your child is having a rough time during the teenage years and feel as though no one understands you...maybe the stress of life has strained the relationship you love. It could be that the in-laws on your last nerve and you need someone to listen while you vent. Whatever the case, I can provide support.

Alternative Lifestyle Coaching:

No matter what alternative lifestyle you are involved in, I will help you create a positive emotional connection within yourself and the significant others around you. It’s difficult wanting to be yourself and needing someone to show you it’s alright. I’m here to help you build your new foundation in life.

Corporate Team Building:

I know just about every Life Coach offers corporate team building workshops. What can I bring to the table, you might ask? A clear mind for starters, I bring an outside view to show the team how important it is to work together. I can be utilized by the entire team or I can accommodate a one-on-one session with the team’s manager. No matter the job position, leadership may lack the proper aptitude to be motivated or how to motivate their team. I can teach successful interaction skills.

Motivational Speaker:

I understand the labor and sometimes intensity it takes to motivate individuals, much less a group, and I will happily bring the same motivation from one of our workshops or seminars to your facility and motivate your team.


Fox Medical Jason Jean Life CoachI enjoyed our working relationship with Jason as he helped grow our medical case management company. We utilized a lot of his ideas he gave us to market our business, we clearly were going down the exact same path as our competitors and growth was slow and when Jason looked at our business model, he detailed what our competitors do and what we do and do better and gave us some great outside concepts to run with.

We continue to utilize Jason as we continue to grow; I enjoy our meetings once a month. Thank you Jason.

John Fox
Fox Medical Case Management

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