Helping build the person you desire to be, one day at a time...

I understand how important a strong relationship is in order to conquer your goals in life. I will teach you how to build a solid foundation that will support you in building a rock solid relationship with yourself and a significant others in your life.

Whether I coach you alone, with your partner, or family, I can show you how you can make small changes that can have a significant positive impact on the way you and others relate to one another. With my help, you can break unhealthy relationship patterns in your life.

I will teach you how to be more compassionate not only towards yourself but with your partner. You will discover that being honest with yourself is key to building your own self-confidence, how your choices will sustain your relationship by not feeling as if you’re having to compromise. It is important to learn positive compromise with a loved one so neither you nor your partner are left feeling as if you are giving in or deferring.

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Business coaching
Relationship & Family Coaching

Any type of business owner can benefit from my ability to keep them on track or help them find their track in business. Business owners find it helpful to have me as their business coach to run ideas or problems by, and to make certain your goal stays your number one priority, my business coaching concepts have been successful simply because, I keep an open mind and I help any size business owner think outside the box.

I understand from my 20+ years of being an entrepreneur, what it takes to endure the ebbs and tides of being a business owner or in management. I take my years of experience to guide you through the unpredictable occurrences in business.

My role as your Business Coach will be to coach you, the owner, through accountability, encouragement, guidance and support. I will assist your sales, marketing, and/or management team with team building projects and so much more with my seminars or workshops. Your bottom line and success is my number one priority.


I enjoyed our working relationship with Jason as he helped grow our medical case management company. We utilized a lot of his ideas he gave us to market our business, we clearly were going down the exact same path as our competitors and growth was slow and when Jason looked at our business model, he detailed what our competitors do and what we
do and do better and gave us some great outside concepts to run with.

We continue to utilize Jason as we continue to grow; I enjoy our meetings once a month.

Thank you Jason.

John Fox
Fox Medical Case Management

alternative Lifestyle Coaching

I recognize that individuals, couples and family dynamics have evolved from societal norms of the 60’s. I know “alternative lifestyle" is a term that can broadly define and largely refers to a life being lived outside what society considers the norm. Times are changing and I can help you adapt to those changes, at any age.

I decided to add Alternative Lifestyle Coaching to my already successful practice because I understand that people don’t always fit into society’s norm and it’s important for you to keep moving forward in life and not to fall backwards because you are always trying to figure out what society considers normal. No matter what Alternative Lifestyle you are leading I will help you create a positive emotional connection within yourself.

I know change can be difficult, our experience has taught us, the more support you have, the easier it is to conquer your goals, no matter what they maybe. Living an Alternative Lifestyle takes a lot of adjusting and bravery not only from yourself, but from others around you, also. A life coach can be quite  effective and supportive at this pivotal point of time in your life.

Motivational Speaking

I am the author of "Life’s Tool Belt” and “I will I am I was," and am an award-winning athlete, land developer, entrepreneur, chef, motivational speaker and life coach. I teach proven principles that work for anyone, in any situation, at any time. As a powerful motivational speaker, audiences across America have experienced my simple life examples, funny stories and a style that transforms and inspires people of all walks of life to take responsibility and accountability of their personal, family and business lives, overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Every day, business professionals attend meetings all over the world and get to hear terrific speakers, but, often times the message doesn't connect with them. Because of this trend, I have been invited by business numerous groups to break the norm. My motivational style connects, energizes and moves audiences to a superior level of thinking and taking action. Teams have seen success in as little as 20 to 90 minutes of listening to my speeches.

I’ll help your team or management see new possibilities within themselves and others, turning problems into solutions, and moving forward to the next level of success…at a price that fits any budget.