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I will. i am. i was. 


I have developed multiple quick guide motivational books to inspire, encourage and promote mental awareness as you progress towards your goals. I will assist you through stress, fatigue and unenthusiastic thoughts that may have derailed your vitality to build you back up. These books, in conjunction with our fitness classes or coaching workshops, can uphold your positivity and goal accomplishment.


Behind the white picket fence

While Beth and Tony are laying in bed discussing a sexual fantasy, two words change their lives forever...”Would You?”. 

Available November, 2013

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This book is your guide to finding all the tools you need to help achieve your goals and find success in life. It’s a foundation. Use the tools inside you to start your own personal construction.

Available October, 2012

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Did you ever want to do something or be someone and you didn’t think you could or maybe you could have? My I will, I am, I was, is the book for you. This book is for the young or old, it’s about learning how to adapt and make the right decisions for you during your life.

Available November, 2012

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