I authored "Life’s Tool Belt” & ”I will I am I was," and am an award-winning athlete, entrepreneur, chef, motivational speaker, and a product of the “School of Hard Knocks” who teaches proven principles that work for anyone, in any situation at any time. After coaching athletes and small business owners for almost 20 years I decided I wanted to receive my coaching credentials and enrolled at SWIHA.

After graduating I enrolled and am continuing my education at the Penn State University in Children, Youth and Family services. As a powerful motivational speaker, I have entertained audiences across America with my experiences in business successes and failures, simple life, funny stories and a style that transforms and inspires people of all walks of life to take responsibility of their personal and business lives, overcome life’s little challenges, possible business obstacles and how to achieve success.

Wellness is a concept that is all around us all of the time. Wellness is whether or not we make a conscious decision to take a leap of faith and take care of ourselves for ourselves. I believe that extraordinary things happen when you align mind, body, and energy. Simply, those three words all work together.

My simple mantra is that loving yourself first and maintaining positive energy provides strength and endurance to not only make goals, but to achieve them. I believe that people fall short on their goals, whether it’s due in part to their health, relationships or professional roadblocks. Regardless of the reason, mental strength is affected when a lack of positive surrounding energy exists. If your mental strength fails, you’ll feel physically and emotionally drained and the ferocious cycle will keep going round and round.

My vision as a Mentor/Life Coach is to supplement a person as a whole. I have had experience for decades coaching different people, of all ages, for sports and athletics, professional and personal accomplishments with their families, friends and cohorts. The one thing that stands out above anything else is that once people become mentally focused, other details of their life fall into place and their motivation is tenfold.

I know the benefits of feeling physically and mentally fit and I have developed my philosophies to transition you into physical wellness with a program that will empower your fitness, mental and personal levels, regardless of your ability and/or knowledge base. I want everyone who walks through my doors to feel welcome…not just like another number.

When everything comes full circle in your mental and physical realm, you will wonder why and how you feel so energetic. It’s easy to answer; you just experienced the alignment of your own Mind Body Energy.



My Books

I have developed multiple quick guide motivational books to inspire, encourage and promote mental awareness as you progress towards your goals. I will assist you through stress, fatigue and unenthusiastic thoughts that may have derailed your vitality to build you back up. These books, in conjunction with our fitness classes or coaching workshops, can uphold your positivity and goal accomplishment.

I will, I am, I was:

Did you ever want to do something or be someone and you didn’t think you could or maybe you could have? My I will, I am, I was, is the book for you. This book is for the young or old, it’s about learning how to adapt and make the right decisions for you during your life.

Available November, 2012

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Life's Tool Belt:

This book is your guide to finding all the tools you need to help achieve your goals and find success in life. It’s a foundation. Use the tools inside you to start your own personal construction.

Available October, 2012

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