I've been lucky that over the years to have been told, I've have that personality that clients love to be around. Having an upbeat personality has definitely helped my success in the culinary business arena. You have to enjoy what you do and watching the client’s faces of enjoyment when they eat their food is exactly what I enjoy. It’s a fulfilling experience to say the least.

Work has come strictly from word of mouth, because when dealing with high profiled clients you never discuss or should I say, name drop to the outside of the inner circle of your clientele. I’ve cooked from Los Angeles to Miami, I have had meals been requested to be overnighted to clients all over the country.

My "Passion for Flavor" has given me the opportunity to “cook” for a wide range of clientele. Having never gone to actual culinary school, I don’t call myself “chef.” What I have done is honed my cooking skills over 30 years and have had the pleasure to have used those skills to successfully cook for A to Z level celebrities, rock stars, main stream bands, tribute bands, roadies, fans, CEO's of fortunate 100 to 500 companies and their family and friends and some of their clients. Professional single athletes and whole teams. If you know me you know my circle of professional friends.               

I tailor my cooking skills to what the client wants but have my main staple of items that I have become known to do great. Italian is my favorite to make, I love making fresh pasta, but being polish and mastering the traditional polish cuisine has been fun to serve over the years. I’ve had the pleasure of cooking for numerous Quinceaneras and Bar Mitzvahs, anything from high end to a backyard bbq. I’ve cooked for two to two hundred.

For many years, people have asked me to do a cookbook and I’m here to say, I have finally started working on putting my favorite recipes I enjoy making in there along with my personal story.

What does it cost, you ask? It’s always an hourly rate, plus travel. The hourly rate doesn’t start until I start prepping the food and I clean up! I can give you a grocery list or if that’s too much, I can shop before I arrive. It’s all negotiable.