Let me start with my background. I"ve always been a competetive athlete and my wife was a competitive bodybuilder, so we aren't novice but foods and supplements have changed over the years from when she competed and I was training seriously. I put the dude with no skin there to show, even with injuries, you can still workout at some capacity. I will go over each injury.

​1. R and L torn rotator cuffs

​2. R arm torn bicep

​3. Broken Pelvis

​4. Spinal Cord Injury

​5. L Broken Wrist

​6. R and L hand broken fingers

​7. R knee 3 scopes and 1 total reconstruction

8. L knee 3 scopes

​9. R ankle broken

When I turned 45 in 2016, I made the decision I love to lift weights but didn't take it serious like I use to. Though I've been fit over the years, ever since my accident I never really got back to the level of fitness I liked being at. I used that excuse for far to long.

I will detail my entire journey, from workouts, food shopping, cooking and life during this journey. 

On January 2nd, 2017 I start my real life journey for all to see.